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The Irresponsible and the Unpredictable

College is a good time for finding out who you really are. In a perfect world, universities would feel no need to grade students because we are deemed as “adults” who are living on our own and making our own choices. There is, however, a stigma that denotes the college student as an irresponsible child who is possibly more immature than a younger teen still graciously hoping to drive the family car.

As a college student myself, I feel that we must avoid this common detriment. While college is time for fun and enjoyment, the reality is that the real world is right around the corner. It’s a scary thought that in four years, one must learn more than just the subjects of his or her major, but the life lessons that come with that endeavor: learning how to survive on your own.

My name is Alex Turner and I am currently majoring in Advertising at Oklahoma State University. I would be lying if I said this blog was simply for fun. I am posting on this blog for a class called “Electronic Communication.” This class comprises of learning how to blog, make podcasts, proper interviewing techniques, etc. I hope to make this blog informal, yet clean, and entertaining as well as informational. As I am technically being graded for this blog, it might seem that I am reluctant to partake in something like this but I enjoy writing so much that I don’t feel forced into it.


About Alex

I am a student at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK. I am an advertising major and love advertising, because it is everywhere.

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