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Technologically Advanced

I was thinking the other day about the advancement of technology in the past ten years. I know it’s changed much more in a longer period of time, but I don’t want to talk about what I wasn’t alive for. Most people think that today’s teenagers can’t remember a time before home computers, the internet, cell phones or even DVD movies, but we can. I’ve seen a lot go by in the short time that I’ve been alive, and it really seems like only yesterday to me that none of it existed.

When I was younger life felt so much simpler and I thought that it was just because I was a kid, but now I think that it was due to the lack of technology. Growing up, I didn’t have a computer in the home until I was 9 years old and I feel that I am better for it. I see kids today who are younger than that who spend nearly every waking moment of their life on the internet and I feel sorry for them. I know, too, that the world was a safer place back then and that parents were more likely to let their kids play outside but there are things that are just a part of childhood. When you’re a kid, you don’t need to worry about anything and just let life happen. I feel that today’s kids are losing the most important years of their life.

Kids are being introduced into newer and newer technology at a younger and younger age, and it’s almost sickening. We’re breeding a new generation that will never know what it’s like to want to wake up early for Saturday morning cartoons because there are entire cable channels with cartoons 24/7 or they can just get on the computer and watch them anytime they want. Parents are giving their kids cell phones at the age of 5 because they say it will be easier to keep track of them. If your kid is 5 years old and you need a better way to keep track of them, then I think you need to forget about a cell phone and focus on just spending time with your child.

The generation gap is becoming smaller and smaller. Yesterday’s toddlers are today’s “tweens”, a common term devised by corporations for the marketing age between 9 and 12, who are now seen as what used to be thought of as a teenager. They will never experience a so called “normal” childhood, and immediately enter a life of complexity and stress that was meant to be avoided if at all possible.

And it’s not just children. We all are to blame for being sucked in my the technology age. Tivo has made watching television so easy that there can always be something on to watch. Taking a walk outside or playing a game is simply unnecessary because you can just watch something on television. No more waiting in anticipation for shows to come on; just set it to record and you can fit it into your schedule. And computers are so fast that anything you need is at your fingertips. No longer does one get the satisfaction of looking something up in a book or any other form of research material because you can just look it up on the internet.

All this technology is great. I love it, really. If it weren’t for technology, I wouldn’t be able type this article or even have a topic for writing. But I still think that at times it may be a little much. Because technology has taken the mystery out of life. And life’s no fun without a bit of mystery, because there’s no need to be a detective.


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I am a student at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK. I am an advertising major and love advertising, because it is everywhere.

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