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Across the Pond

I am currently in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the United Kingdom, Great Britain. This is first time I have ever been out of the country. This is the first trip I have ever taken without my parents. This is the first real spring break trip I have ever been on.
The landscape is surreal. It is unlike anything I have ever seen. I want to stay here forever.
There is a castle across the street. You can hear bagpipes from miles away. I can walk anywhere I need to go. The food here is outstanding. Haggis, meeps and tatties. And of course, the Scotch whisky.
This trip has made me realize how beautiful the world is, and how much of it I have yet to experience.


About Alex

I am a student at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK. I am an advertising major and love advertising, because it is everywhere.

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