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Is Music Life?

On the internet, on websites such as MySpace or Facebook, or even on t-shirts, I see a phrase with three little words that bugs me. It doesn’t bug me because it’s crude or demeaning or anything like that. It upsets me because I feel that most people who say this phrase don’t really mean it, or that it doesn’t really apply to them. It goes like this.

Music Is Life.

Three little words. Think it doesn’t mean much? Think again.

I can see how this phrase can be taken in many different ways. Granted, a love of music is great. As a musician, I want the world to be filled with those who appreciate music and have a passion for it. But if you just listen to music a lot, is it really your life? Is it really what you live for.

I play a multitude of instruments: piano, guitar and bass guitar, trombone and have dabbled in many others such as flute, trumpet, saxophone and drums. I also write, play and sing songs for a band that I am in. But even I don’t consider to adopt the motto: Music Is Life.

Now I know that many who have posted or worn this saying do play an instrument or sing or both. Those aren’t the ones of which I am speaking. They are the people who feel that music is their entire world because they have encapsulated themselves with a stereo player, a massive CD and mp3 collection, and wear headphones all day long.

They sure do love music, but can they play a tune on the piano? Or even read music, for that matter. Can they write a song? Do they know what chords are? Tell what key something is in just by listening?

Perhaps they should reconsider they next time they use a simple phrase to describe their entire life.


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I am a student at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK. I am an advertising major and love advertising, because it is everywhere.

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